Has the solution to chronic back pain been hiding in plain sight for 2000 years?

Has the solution to chronic back pain been hiding in plain sight for 2000 years?

UCLA Scientists Confirm Ancient
“Kung Fu” Sequence that Activates Your Body’s Innate Power… to Heal ITSELF


“I feel like I’ve got my life back.”


“I thought I just had to live with it. But now, the pain is 100% gone in mere minutes!”


“After nothing else worked, I was desperate. His program changed my life forever.”


“I know it’s not magic. But it sure feels like it.”

Well-wishers were cheering and clapping for us newlyweds in the hotel lobby.

But their cheers turned to gasps and cries one moment later when I committed the unthinkable.

On Our Wedding Night.

Caught up in the moment, I tried to scoop Susan up and carry her to our honeymoon suite.

Granted, I’m no spring chicken at 46 years old…

I was just so overjoyed at finding love again.

But my romantic enthusiasm turned to shame when my back gave out.

Susan hit the floor at an awkward angle and cried out in pain.

People started whispering things like “That poor woman!” and “What was he thinking?”

The problem was — they only knew half the story.

Susan had already been living with
near-constant back pain since a cheerleading accident in college.

I Had Just Made it Worse.

Later that night, she was barely able to move,
let alone celebrate.

As you can imagine, that definitely ruined our wedding night.

If you or someone you love suffers from back pain…

You already know the frustration of how it dictates every move you make.

My tragic stumble almost made us cancel our entire honeymoon in Paris.

Had it not been for a chance encounter in the hotel lobby the next morning…

We would have been limping our way home.

But a stranger whom I’ll tell you about in just a minute…

Started using a sequence of strange-looking moves that looked to me like kung fu in slow motion.

Watching him made my “skepticism” hit an
call-time high.

I was thinking, “Ya, right — whatever”

But when I saw Susan standing there, smiling and pain-free…

My heart soared with joy and excitement.

We stood there laughing and crying for joy in the hotel lobby.

Susan’s pain... was gone.

And I’m not just talking about the pain from me dropping her the night before...

But the Life-Long Back Pain She’d
Been Struggling with Too.

Honestly, I would never have believed it,
had I not seen it for myself.

And it wasn’t until later that I came across multiple scientific studies from the world’s leading research hospitals at UCLA* * *, The University of Pennsylvania* * *, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine* * *.

I'll let them explain why this approach works so well, and the science behind it, in just a minute.

Now, even though it seems counter-intuitive, we thank God every day that I dropped Susan that night.

Because ultimately...

It’s how We Discovered this
Simple, Quick and Science-Based Solution to Back Pain…

And it works almost instantaneously.

Hi, I’m Dr. John Carpenter.**

  • And if you’ve felt like back pain has made you a prisoner in your own body...
  • Holding you hostage from enjoying a life full of the activities that you love and bring you joy...
  • And you feel that your back pain has locked up your future and thrown away the key...

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s because in just a few moments, I’ll show you a shockingly simple slow-mo “kung fu” sequence...

That immediately releases a surge of your body’s own healing power, sending it straight to where your body needs it most.

Look, I know:

It probably sounds silly to think that a few weird, kungfu-like motions to the right place in your body can relieve your back pain fast...

Especially since your doctor has probably never told you about this before.

But i swear...

Once You Try What I'm About to Share, You'll be Amazed at How Quickly You can Experience Relief.

And get this… It works for EVERYONE.

Regardless of your age or body type.

This ancient “kung fu” move directs your body’s innate healing force to anywhere in your back that’s flaring up.

Fully resolving pain… and letting you move through life freely and with more ease.

But Check This Out:

Because your back pain is disappearing,
you’ll start to notice other physical
transformations taking place, too.

Your posture will improve, which helps with that spare tire you might be carrying around your waist.

Then, once all those back muscles are finally able to relax, your body won’t feel so exhausted.

You’ll feel so much more energetic, and less groggy in the afternoon.

Plus, imagine how much better you’ll sleep when your pain isn’t keeping you up at night.

And you can finally wake up feeling like a million bucks again.

If you live with back pain, then you know it influences every single moment of every day.

Living with Back Pain Makes Life Feel Like One Big Game of “Operation”

Where the slightest wrong move sends
shockwaves of pain through your body.

Not only does back pain sabotage your sleep, putting you in a foul mood…

It also robs you of the lifestyle you want to live.

Maybe you’re into golf or gardening
Hiking the trails or playing tennis
And maybe even life’s simplest joys like walking the dog or playing with the children

Have become a great big “NO.”

So, if you’ve tried just about everything under the sun to make your back pain go away, but to no avail…

You are Not Alone in This Fight.

Not everyone understands that back pain isn’t just about the physical discomfort.

It’s about feeling like you’ve lost control of your life.

Despairing and fearing that it won’t ever get better.

It’s about watching helplessly as your pain spirals out of control…

And your mobility and freedom circle the drain.

It makes your future feel bleak, knowing that time just doesn’t heal this wound.

Now… if you’re wondering why your “specialist” hasn’t told you about this solution…

There IS a Reason Why it’s
Been Downplayed by the
Medical Establishment.

But I have to warn you… it’s sinister.

In fact, as you’ll see, there’s been a full-on campaign to discredit it.

The reason will shock you.

So, like I said, my name is Dr. John Carpenter.

And I’ve been a Chiropractor for 19 years.

I’ve had the joy of helping countless people ease their back and body pain.

My wife and I started my clinic and our family right after we got married.

Sadly, my wife passed away from a car accident when my kids were just 8 and 6.

That’s when I mustered up everything I had to become the very best single dad I could be.

Raising my kids and taking care of my patients didn’t leave much time for socializing… much less dating.

But when both of my kids got into their teenage years…

They insisted I start dating.

Through Facebook, I Reconnected
with a Friend From High School.

After graduation, we had simply lost touch.

But once we reconnected on Facebook, I found out her husband had left her for a younger woman 5 years earlier.

We slowly got reacquainted through phone calls and texts…

That’s when I discovered that Susan had been on a cheerleading squad at a major university.

She had been a “flyer”— meaning the one who got tossed high in the air.

During the spring of her freshman year, she’d taken a bad fall and sustained a significant back injury.

In One Second, Her Cheerleading Career was Over as was “Normal” Life.

Her back pain started to call the shots.

It limited her activities and her freedom.

When just making your way to the bathroom can cause tears of pain…

Playing tennis, or going backpacking, or even walking the dog…

Becomes a pipe dream.

She’d had two surgeries.

She’d been worked on by a dozen chiropractors, massage therapists, and “body work” experts.

Eventually, Susan began to depend on prescription pain meds… just to make it through the day.

There were days she needed a walker.

Even though she was in her 40s, she felt like she was in her 80s.

I fell in love with Susan…

And I wanted more than anything to help her escape her pain prison.

Drawing from my experience and expertise…

I started recommending stretches, yoga sequences, and relaxation techniques for her to try.

Since she lived in another city at the time, I researched the best chiropractor in her town to start giving her adjustments.

Over Several Months, She Experienced a Pretty Remarkable Recovery.

For almost 6 months, she didn’t need a walker and she had reduced her pain meds by half.

Things were looking up, so that’s when we decided to get married and honeymoon in Paris.

Like I mentioned, I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic.

And you already know about how I dropped her trying to carry her across the threshold.

Have you ever wanted something to be so special…

So perfect…

But then you make the tiniest of mistakes…

And it all goes to hell in a handbasket?

That’s what it’s like living with back pain.

The slightest, most innocent move can trigger an episode where you’re out of commission for weeks.

Well, that’s where we both were on our wedding night.

Had it Not Been for a Chance Encounter in the Hotel Lobby the Next Morning…

Our lives would have been forever scarred by my impulsive romanticism.

The next morning, we hobbled down to the hotel lobby — Susan barely able to walk.

Every step sent sharp daggers up to the base of her brain like she'd just gotten rear-ended by a Mack truck.

Her sciatic nerve branches were burning rivers of pain shooting up and down her legs.

Her entire spine was flaming with searing agony...

And what was worse?

The pain boring like a drill into her lower back where I’d dropped her.

In addition to watching her struggle just to walk…

I was burdened by having to cancel the rest of our vacation in Paris.

I Felt Guilty that I’d
Ruined Our Honeymoon.

Hurting Susan by trying to be a
Cassanova made it 10 times worse.

It didn’t feel like a hopeful start to our marriage.

As we were shuffling along, we looked like zombies from a Hollywood movie.

But before we made it to the receptionist’s desk, a man walked straight up to us.

And with kindness in his eyes, he asked if we’d like some help with Susan’s back.

As a chiropractor, I’d already helped Susan as much as I could.

That she was walking at all was a tremendous victory.

Of course, I felt insulted at first.

But You Know How When You
Start to Feel Desperate...

You’ll try just about anything just
to make the pain go away?

So I swallowed my pride and looked at Susan.

She nodded, so I said,

“Sure. Why not?”

In a flow of strange moves, he used his fingers to jab her body in about half a dozen places.

He pushed two fingers along her right shoulder blade, then he slowly pressed her hip bones.

Next, he slowly applied pressure to the base of her skull with both thumbs.

After a few more moves, she was standing up straight… her pain had completely vanished.

I was dumbfounded.

I Never Would Have Believed
it had I not Just Seen it.

And in just a minute, I’ll show you the
scientific studies which prove that Susan’s
experience wasn’t just a “one-off”.

The man smiled kindly, told me that he had a plane to catch, and turned to walk out to the taxi stand.


I yelled, coming out of my shock.

I quickly told him I needed to know more about what he just did.

I told him about Susan’s cheerleading accident twenty years ago.

I told him about being a chiropractor back in the States, and how there were some patients I just couldn’t help, though I’d wanted to.

I basically begged to know about whatever “kung fu magic” he’d just performed on Susan.

He politely declined, saying he’d miss his flight if he didn’t leave right away.

“Can I call you? Or email you later???”

I begged.

I was desperate.

He thought for a moment, then reached into his briefcase and took out a business card.

On one side was his contact information.

On the Other, was a
Diagram of the Human Body.

There were numbers, along with lines and arrows clearly indicating areas all over the body.

There were strange characters and symbols I didn’t recognize.

He told me to call him if anything flared up on our honeymoon, and he would talk me through it.

I felt compelled to bow in thanks… so I did, telling him my name.

He returned the bow and said with a smile,

“I’m Master Lim. I look forward to hearing about your honeymoon when you get home.”

Susan and I went back up to the room… feeling like we had a new lease on life.

There were smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts.

Two days later, Susan pulled her back again while we were shopping.

She was back in the pain prison.

Our usual stretches and adjustments helped — but only a little.

We Decided to Call Master Lim
Like He’d Told Us to.

When we got him on the phone, he asked
Susan where her pain was centered.

Then told me to consult the card, calling out numbers in order.

He walked me, step-by-step, through a slower version of the “moves” he used in the lobby.

There were different points on Susan’s body he had me touch.

In a couple of places I rubbed vigorously, while in others I just pressed.

In about half a minute, I was finished and Susan was looking at me with tears in her eyes.

I thought that maybe I’d just made it worse — again!

Then she said,

“I just felt something powerful shift…
I’m feeling good as new!”

I was so stunned and joyful that even I could work this miracle.

But my mind was still skeptical.

This was not part of my medical training.

“Master Lim, you have to tell me what just happened. I have to understand how this works.”

He replied,

“There will be plenty of time to explain everything after your honeymoon. Now get going, you two lovebirds!”

So I put my inner scientist away for the moment.

And for the rest of the week, we enjoyed the most romantic honeymoon a couple of middle-aged back-pain refugees could ever imagine.

We felt, and acted, like kids…

Making love every night after romantic dinners all over Paris.

Thankful for Master Lim’s
Sequence of “Kung Fu” Moves...

And the strange diagram on the
back of his business card.

After our honeymoon, I returned home to my practice more excited than I’d ever been.

I immediately contacted Master Lim and started a conversation about what his moves had done; that had been impossible before.

He explained how our bodies are full of energy.

For example...

The brain produces an energy measurable in different audio frequencies using an electrocardiogram (EKG).

The heart produces an electromagnetic energy that can be detected up to 3 feet away.

And the gastro-intestinal system produces the energy that fuels life and movement.

Master Lim then explained that one of the energies the body naturally produces is an energy to repair and heal.

The ancient Chinese believed this energy travels through the body along “channels” called meridians.1

I Told Master Lim How Skeptical I was of Ancient Chinese Medicine.

My experience had been “hit-or-miss”.

Some approaches worked, like turmeric for inflammation.

Other approaches just seemed like folklore.

Master Lim told me how the majority of western doctors scoffed at this concept of healing energy for centuries.

“Healing comes from experts, surgery, and medication,” was the mantra.

But then, Master Lim explained how researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as at the University of Pennsylvania…

Have been documenting the potency of meridian healing.

Their courageous research detailed how this healing, pain-relieving energy wasn't just an ancient tradition, an old wives' tale or folklore.2

Their research has now validated the
real-world effectiveness
of stimulating specific points along these meridian channels…

For Numerous Health Benefits.

But especially when it comes to relieving pain.

These researchers have documented multiple scientific studies where targeted stimulation at certain points along these channels allows for many major surgeries to be successfully performed…

Get this: without anesthesia.34

These doctors were amazed that the patients were conscious, alert, and interacting with the surgeons.

DURING THE SURGERY… With zero pain.

I’ll tell you why this is possible — in just a minute.

But these Doctors were also mesmerized by the fact that many of the stimulation points…

Were far away from the surgical sites, with no apparent connection between them.

Other than being points on the meridian channel.

Master Lim Told Me How
This Made Him So Curious…

So he dove into more research.

That’s how he found research showing how natural pain-relief compounds such as:

Endorphins, serotonin, enkephalins, adenosine, GABA (a major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain), norepinephrine, and dopamine5

Are released by stimulating specific points along the meridian channels.6

Master Lim then told me how the National Institutes for Health (NIH), which is the largest biomedical research agency in the world7

And even the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)8...

Have published scientific studies documenting the pain-relieving power found in these meridian channels.

The results were so promising, they led UCLA Health to open the Center for East-West Medicine.

UCLA Health is Ranked the #4 Top Hospital in the Entire Country.

Their Center for East-West Medicine has been dedicated to harnessing the power of the body’s own natural healing energy.

Master Lim explained that what “eastern” medicine regards as “Chi” or energy…

Many modern “western” researchers are now calling
“Bio-Electromagnetic” energy.

But here’s the problem.

The Meridian Channels that Carry this Healing Bio-Electromagnetic Energy can Get Clogged Up.

Like a dam blocking the flow of a river.

Preventing this pain-relieving Bio-Electromagnetic energy from reaching the parts of our bodies that need it most.

Master Lim explained that very common things contribute to this obstruction.

Injury certainly leads the list…

But then stress and anxiety can compound it.

When you add in a constant state of inflammation…

It forms a substantial and persistent roadblock.

But then, Master Lim talked about how our modern sedentary lifestyle contributes to these blockages too...

Never actually getting cleared.

Pain and stiffness aren’t just caused by getting older or “having a bad back”.

They’re caused by this blockage of this healing energy in our bodies.

Which, if you suffer from consistent back pain…

Means you can get stuck in this vicious cycle.

Where you don’t move like you want to or should… because it’s so painful.

But because there isn’t movement…

This Bio-Electromagnetic energy stays stuck — and you stay in pain.

Which is no way to live.

He Told Us There’s a “Switch” that Helps Release this Healing…

By clearing these obstructions so the healing energy can move in and do its work to rid your body of pain.

Letting you finally live the pain-free life you deserve.

Master Lim referred to this phenomenon as the Bio-Meridian Switch.

These Bio-Meridian switches clear the way for healing Bio-Electromagnetic energy to make its way to the areas that have been injured…

Are inflamed and worsened by a sedentary lifestyle that’s almost inevitable.

And that’s when a light bulb went off for me.

When Master Lim helped us with our back pain on our honeymoon…

He wasn’t doing “kung fu”.

He was activating the
Bio-Meridian switches that allowed healing energy to flow to those painful, inflamed parts of the body...

That were about to rob me and Susan of our honeymoon.

The Stimulation of These Blocked Areas Cleared Obstructions and Inflammation Naturally.

Making way for bio-electromagnetic energy in the form of endorphins, serotonin, enkephalins, adenosine, GABA, norepinephrine, and dopamine.10

So that our bodies could actually heal itself.

Master Lim told me to take out the piece of paper he gave me in the lobby.

And identify the two main channels running up and down the body on both sides of the spine.

He explained that those were the primary Meridian lines.

He also pointed out a few offshoots.

Master Lim explained that there are several hundred Bio-Meridian Switches along the meridian lines.

Each switch or point…

Opens the Door to Healing in a Different Part of the Body.

When it comes to back pain, there are a handful of “switches” that impact the flow of energy in the back.

Some of those switches are in the back itself, while other switches are located elsewhere on the body...

Ssuch as along the arms or legs.

What’s crazy is how a switch or point near your collarbone helps “open up” the obstructions around your liver.

“Master Lim, we’ve got to find a way to tell people about these Bio-Meridian Switches all over the body.

And more importantly, that they don’t have to rely on a doctor, a “Master” or some dangerous drug to help them relieve their own back pain.

Wouldn’t it work to give them a cheat sheet…

Not of all the Bio-Meridian Switches…

But the ones that help alleviate back pain?”

I could use that in my own practice.

“That way, people could discover a 15–20 second fix they could use at home without having to drive all the way to my office in pain.”

So Master Lim and I put our heads together.

He Brought His Expertise
on the Location of the Bio-Meridian Switch Points…

And I brought my experience of the most common back pain complaints people come to me for.

Then we created a Bio-Meridian Body Map.

To show people which switches to activate for each type of back pain.

I approached several of my clients…

And asked them to take this Bio-Meridian Body Map home and use it as a “cheat sheet” for treating their back pain.

It wasn’t long before messages and phone calls started pouring in.

I got messages like this, from Becky R.:

“But this is the best thing
since sliced bread.”

“Dr. Carpenter, I was skeptical at first, but this is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve had sciatica pain for decades. But not any more!”

- Becky R.

Said Becky.

But Along With the
Rave Reviews Came Questions.

Specifically, like how much pressure to apply, how long to apply it, when to rub and when to press, and what the right sequence was for multiple pain points.

So I asked Master Lim if he could record some demonstration videos to go along with the back pain cheat sheet.

He thought it was the perfect idea.

After recording them, we sent these videos to my patients.

They were ecstatic.

Eventually, it dawned on me that we didn’t just have a “cheat sheet”...

We had an entire system.

A complete pain protocol based on the Bio-Meridian switches that directly provides speedy relief of back pain.

Every One of My Clients I Sent This to Told Me the Same Two Things.

  1. One, they wished they had this years ago.
  2. And two, they all said,

Dr. Carpenter, you’ve got to get the word out. There are so many people suffering at home in near-silence with constant back pain. This can give them the hope they never had.”

So I consulted with Master Lim and my wife Susan, and together we came up with a plan to get Master Lim’s back pain cheat sheet and his demonstration videos…

Out into the world.

We Decided to Call it
The Meridian Pain Protocol.

And we couldn’t be happier to invite you to join the thousands who have used this pain protocol to finally wipe out their back pain.

  • Whether you’re struggling with shooting sciatic pain...
  • Lower back pain that lingers as a constant ache...
  • Or even a disc that seems “out”...

The Meridian Pain Protocol flatout works.

That’s because it’s the only back pain product that’s based on activating and directing your body’s own healing energy using the ancient system of Bio-Meridian switches.

Each pain location has its own unique “sequence” of moves that rushes healing energy to exactly where it's needed most.

And it’s only available on this website right now.

But, and it saddens me to say this, this offer may have a short lifespan.

Because… let’s face it.

The Meridian Pain Protocol is So Effective at Relieving Back Pain and it’s So Quick and Easy to Use…

That it’s already gotten the attention of some big players in the “Back Pain Industry”.

And because we threaten their monopoly of fat insurance payouts and an endless smorgasboard of pain meds…

Their lawyers are threatening to force us off the Internet.

That’s why this revolutionary information might not be available tomorrow.

That’s the reason I hope you’ll take action immediately.

Now… The Meridian Pain Protocol is NOT a complicated system.

If you can read the table of contents, it’ll work for you like a charm.

You simply take Master Lim’s “cheat sheet”...

Identify where your pain is in your body…

Follow the directions for applying specific pressure on the sequence of Bio-Meridian switches.

Then… watch in Amazement as Your Body is Finally Able to Heal Itself.

Making your back pain a thing of the past.

You can finally clear away the obstructions that have been keeping you stuck in a life of pain.

And the good news is, you don’t have to become a “master” at understanding all 200+ Meridian points…

You just reference a simple chart and table of contents.

We’ve made it so simple — even a child could use it.

You see…

Once you flip the right sequence of
“Bio-Meridian Switches”, your body’s healing energy takes over from there.

Delivering quick, natural, and safe pain relief.

Now, Since Everyone’s Body
and Pain are Unique…

Everyone’s experience and results will be different too.

But unlike most doctors, or even chiropractors I know…

I will actually promise that you WILL experience RELIEF.

  • The relief you’ve been hoping, dreaming, and wishing for
  • The relief that’s been hiding behind your Bio-Meridian switches.

Now, Here’s Everything that’s
Included When You Get The
Meridian Pain Protocol Today.

First, you get Master Lim’s breakthrough “Cheat Sheet”.

#1: Meridian Pain Protocol CheatSheet.

It’s the “Road Map” to identify which Sequence of Meridian Points to activate to relieve your pain.

Then, you’ll have access to Master Lim showing you exactly what to do.

You can follow along with our digital ebook, complete with instructions and demonstration pictures.

Or you can follow along with Master Lim’s now-famous demonstration videos which can be viewed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

#2: Meridian Pain Protocol Video Modules.

Master Lim created 6 different chapters and video modules.

All with “live” - model demonstrations, so you’ll always know exactly what to do.

We’ve removed all the guesswork for you.

Now, if you’re like most people out there with chronic back pain…

You’ve probably “run the gauntlet” when it comes to trying to find relief.

You’ve Probably Seen
a Handful of “Specialists”...

Tried a dozen or more pain meds or supplements all hoping one of them will be the solution.

However, most of those approaches, especially pain meds, are simply band-aids that mask the root problem.


It won’t be until you address the ROOT of the problem that you’ll find back pain relief.

And let’s be honest… peace of mind.

Without going to the root cause…

Your back pain will stay “stuck” — because the energy to heal it will stay “stuck” too.

And you’ll be a slave to the blockages that prevent our God-given, innate healing energy from making the difference they’re designed to.

What’s Become Painfully Clear
to Me is that the Vast Majority
of “Back pain” Solutions…

Are simply designed to keep you
coming back for more.

That way, they can continue to swipe your card, keeping you as a

And keeping YOU forever trying to “manage” your pain…

Experiencing temporary relief, only to relapse shortly after.

To be honest… I’m so glad we met Master Lim when we did.

His simple system harnesses the best, most effective, ancient healing tradition...

And thoughtfully combines it with modern scientific research.

Resulting in a Pain Protocol that’s Simple, Effective, Easy…

And most importantly, safe.

By targeting the Bio-Meridian points associated with your pain, you can open the door to your body’s own healing energy…

With the simple flip of a switch.

With The Meridian Pain Protocol, simply refer to the Meridian Cheat Sheet…

Identify your specific pain point…

Then follow the directions to apply the right pressure to the right
Bio-Meridian switch…

And start enjoying blissful relief, sometimes in a matter of mere seconds.

Now, as for me…

After our honeymoon that was almost cancelled…

I Not Only Feel Like I
Have a New Lease on Life…

I feel like I have a new purpose and mission too.

And it’s this:

To help as many people as possible discover how to quickly and easily experience back pain relief using the breakthrough Bio-Meridian method.

Like I mentioned, we’re already on the radar of the “Back Pain Industry”.

And eventually, as more and more people experience relief with the Meridian Pain Protocol…

I expect the “powers that be” to throw the kitchen sink at us… Just to protect their precious profits.

That's why I’ve closed my clinic for the time being.

This way, I can dedicate my time and energy to do everything I can…

To make sure this page stays on the Internet… as long as possible.

Again, I Encourage You
to Take Action Today.

It pains me to think of how many people
just like Susan are out there.

Having tried everything, believing their back pain would never change.

How many men and women are out there right now…

Desperate for a simple, yet effective solution for their back pain woes?

  • Dreaming of a life of freedom…
  • Dreaming of roughhousing with their kids, without worrying about paying the price in pain later…
  • Dreaming of hitting the trails…
  • Playing golf, tennis or riding their bike around the neighborhood…

Can you see how it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t share this transformative information?

People Everywhere are Raving About Master Lim’s System.

People like Joyce Hutton from Connecticut, who said…

“I practiced just one of Master Lim’s switches and within a week I felt like I had a new lease on life. ”

“I often had lower back pain. Working long hours in front of a computer just made it worse. I practiced just one of Master Lim’s switches and within a week I felt like I had a new lease on life. It’s also helping my mother-in-law manage pain after surgery.”

- Joyce Hutton

And Mani from Minnesota, who said…

“...helped me improve tremendously.”

“I used to suffer from sciatica every day. But Master Lim’s bio-meridian switches have helped me improve tremendously. ”

- Mani

Then there’s Nolan Gibbs from San Diego:

“Of all the treatments I've received, I've had the best results after going through this Meridian program. ”

“I have been dealing with chronic back issues for four years. I've spent a lot of $$ on crap treatments and most importantly, had lost hope of leading a normal life. Of all the treatments I've received, I've had the best results after going through this Meridian program. I've been following his techniques and it's been a few months now and I'm almost completely pain-free.”

- Nolan Gibbs

Betty from Dallas wrote:

“Thanks to the Meridian Pain Protocol program, most of my pain is gone.”

“In my 60s, my life had become very limited because of the severity of the pain. I had exhausted all non-invasive medical treatment and major surgery had been recommended by the head of the spinal clinic at a major hospital. Thanks to the Meridian Pain Protocol program, most of my pain is gone.

I still have what I would call normal aches and pains fairly often now, but they are probably 1% of my pain before. Every once in a while, I'll have some discomfort that's maybe 5–10% of what I used to have, and it passes in the same time frame as any sore muscle. Please do yourself a favor and take what it says seriously.”

- Betty

I’ve Received So Many Messages Praising Master Lim’s System.

Hundreds and hundreds are experiencing relief after years spent throwing money into the Back Pain Industry’s bottomless pit.

Because of this, some have insisted Master Lim’s protocol is easily worth $2,500… if not more.

The good news is that when you choose to invest in your health today, your out-of-pocket won’t be anywhere close to that.

It won’t even be $500.

When it comes down to it, an investment of $500 to get your life back would be a complete no-brainer.

Like I said…

My mission is helping people who’ve had their lives stolen by back pain.

Not squeezing cash out of people, like the Pain Industry.

I Understand First-Hand How Frustrating it is to Have to Endure
Life-Stealing Back Pain.

That’s why I’ve priced this as reasonably as possible.

Today, when you choose to invest in your back health…

Your investment is only $37.

Which is just enough to cover our expenses to keep this page on the Internet.

Those who’ve already benefited from The Meridian Pain Protocol have told me it’s a complete steal at that price.

If you’d like to experience the healing power of your body’s own
Bio-Meridian switches…

And finally clear out what’s blocking your body’s own healing energy simply by consulting a user-friendly roadmap…

Click the Big “Add to Cart”
Button Right Now.

When you do…

You’ll be forwarded to our 100% secure and encrypted checkout page.

Just enter your information, so you can get instant access to your members area.

This is the same security system that Amazon.com, Walmart.com and the world's biggest banks use on their websites where there’s a simple order form to fill out.

And it provides “best-in-class”, military-grade encryption and security.

This way, you can feel confident, knowing your information is safe.

Now, I want you to experience the simple yet powerful switch that activates your body’s own internal healing energy.

Plus, I’m Going to Include 3 Amazing 100% FREE Bonuses when You Complete Your Order Today.

You're going to love them.

FREE Bonus #1:
“The Anti-Pain Cookbook”

Valued at $39

This life-changing ebook is filled with research-backed information that will shock you.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The relationship between food and pain... and how to quickly eliminate the foods that feed your pain and find the foods that fight your pain.
  • How the convenience of the “Western Diet” has betrayed millions of Americans - and how to easily break free of its sabotaging impact, without breaking the bank and still enjoying convenience.
  • The “Master List” of foods that Cause pain and the foods that relieve it.
  • The surprising list of foods and nutrients that fight inflammation.
  • Easy and delicious fuss-free recipes, complete with meals plan to help combat pain and inflammation from the inside out.

Plus, a whole lot more.

You’ll be shocked to learn about the relationship between food and pain.

This book by itself is easily worth the price of admission.

FREE Bonus #2:
“The Pain-Free Sleep Protocol”

Valued at $49

This ebook builds on the principles of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine...

The importance of consistent, solid sleep.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • The surprising relationship between pain and sleep. It’s NOT what you think.
  • How pain disrupts sleep “architecture” - and the one step that corrects it.
  • The easy sleep position adjustment for pain-free sleep.
  • How missing out on sleep can turn your “pain receptors” all the way up to 10... and how to avoid this vicious cycle.
  • How pain medications disrupt your sleep... and the sinister way “Sleep Meds” end up sabotaging your sleep as well.
  • How chronic pain impacts exercise motivation, in turn impacting the quality of your sleep.
  • The easy way to calm yourself into blissful sleep with meditation and other relaxation techniques.
  • The natural, herbal remedies that can put you out like a light in minutes.
  • The “Sniper” breathing technique that can induce deep sleep in 20 seconds or less.

And it gets better...

FREE Bonus #3:
“The Health Secrets Bible”

Valued at $67

This is the health “Bible” that Big Pharma wants banned.

That’s because it is chock full of
little-known, but science-backed health secrets to keep you healthier than ever and less dependent on Big Pharma.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How one type of rice increases the likelihood of diabetes by up to 49%.
  • Which fresh berries help fight cognitive decline, and which popular foods accelerate it.
  • The strange connection between “barbells” and brain health — and how to never need conventional weights again.
  • The 7 Deadly sins of digestive health.
  • Probiotics only help your gut health, right? WRONG. Here’s how Probiotics benefit your body’s largest organ.
  • How to end morning grogginess WITHOUT caffeine.
  • The Scandanavian secret to caring for your complexion and skin in the winter.
  • The unusual gazpacho recipe that helps to stabilize your blood pressure.

In total, we’re offering over 101 health tips you’ll want to come back to time after time.

These powerful health-boosting bonuses are worth $155 of real world value.

But They're Included FREE in Your Membership Area...

But only when you complete your order today.

Now... I want to address something right now.

It has to do with your inner “skeptic”.

If you feel even remotely skeptical right now… I truly want to applaud that.

I appreciate skepticism.

As a Chiropractor,
Believe Me, I’ve Seen it All.

Any “new” back pain solution that
came around the bend made me scoff.

Especially when it would utterly fail to help my wife.

I felt so crushed that I couldn’t fix what I’d broken.

When my new bride was in such pain… I felt so powerless.

Even though I had devoted my life to helping individuals with back pain as a chiropractor…

I still couldn’t help her.

It was devastating.

Especially when I thought I had to cancel our honeymoon.

Thank God I met Master Lim that day.

When He Worked his Magic in
that Hotel Lobby, I Realized I
Hadn’t “Seen it All”.

Now I get it… you haven’t experienced
Master Lim’s protocol for yourself yet.

  • Even though I'm confident in The Meridian Pain Protocol and its ability to bring relief and help restore the active lifestyle you want, need, and deserve
  • Even though I’m confident that it’s going to prove simpler and more effective than anything you’ve ever tried

I truly understand you may not share my confidence — YET.

I want to clear away any and every barrier you have, so this healing protocol can simply and quickly get into your hands.

That’s why I’m offering a truly ridiculous money-back guarantee…

For a full 365 Days!

I’m Gonna Bet Your
“Pain Specialist” Never Offered
You a Money - Back Guarantee!

I call it the “Master Meridian Guarantee”.

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us.

Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give Meridian Pain Protocol a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

If at any time you are not happy with Meridian Pain Protocol, just email us and we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked.

We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

Here’s how it works.

I'm giving you an entire ONE YEAR to use the Meridian Pain Protocol and discover how to activate the Bio-Meridian Switch for your back pain relief.

If you're not thrilled with your results…

Then there’s no way I’d keep any of your money.

That’s what the “back pain industry” does.

You’ll never hear this kind of guarantee from them.

It doesn’t fit their “profit-at-all-costs” playbook.

I’m Happy Taking On All the Risk On So You can have the Time You Need…

That’s 365 days if need be and the peace of mind to determine if it’s right for you.

If you simply say “yes” to the Meridian Pain Protocol right now… you truly have nothing to lose.

Except the life-stealing back pain that’s plagued you for far too long.

Your investment in your health is 100% protected for the next 365 days.

All you have to do is email me and I'll get your refund processed within 24 hours.

No. Questions. Asked.

That’s how strongly I feel about helping people release their body’s own healing energy.

Listen to What Some of our 17,488 Success Stories Have to Say.

We have Barbara Lane who shares…

“After a few weeks, the pain
started to dissipate.”

“Over the last 15 years or so, I have had off-and-on bouts with back issues. The pain radiated from my lower back and down both legs. I'd never experienced anything like it. I consulted my physician, went to the chiropractor, took anti-inflammatory drugs and a regimen of steroids. Nothing worked for me and the pain was incredible.

I was only able to stand up for a minute or two at a time without significant pain. I went through the Meridian video program and followed exactly what Master Lim taught. After a few weeks, the pain started to dissipate. I am happy to report that today I have no residual effects. I am back to my normal activities.”

- Barbara Lane

Next up is Ronald Cooper from Tampa…

“But by using the bio-meridian switch, it went away.”

“I had bad pain around my kidney area. But by using the bio-meridian switch, it went away.”

- Ronald Cooper

William could finally lift heavy objects again….

“I now bike several times a week,
I can sit for hours and hours with no pain at all...”

“I went from being in excruciating pain for years with a ‘verified’ spinal/nerve injury that would flare up periodically, to being completely pain-free almost overnight. I now bike several times a week, I can sit for hours and hours with no pain at all, I can walk miles, and I can lift heavy objects.”

- Williams

Last but not least, Nancy Carson from Phoenix, Arizona...

“I’m now sleeping
for 8 hours straight.”

“Thanks to Master Lim, my neck and shoulder pain are gone. I’m now sleeping for 8 hours straight. Thank you!”

- Nancy

So are You Ready to Experience
the Pain-Free Life You’ve Only
Hoped was Possible?

Then you’re ready for the Bio-Meridian Switch.

A simple “yes” to The Meridian Pain Protocol will have you breathing a sigh of sweet relief.

  • Get ready for your life and energy to return.
  • Get ready for your mood and outlook to skyrocket as you start to add your favorite activities back into your life.
  • Get ready for your joy for living to return.

I know your family will be thrilled to have the real “you” back in their lives.

Simply click the button below and you’ll get full access to the Member's Area in mere minutes.

In the Member’s Area, you’ll find the download for Master Lim’s Cheat Sheet, all his demonstration videos, the eBook…

Plus all THREE Bonuses, worth $155.

I truly want you to discover how easy it is to activate the
Bio-Meridian Switch for yourself right away.

Right now…

I Want You to Think Back to
High School to a Poem Most of Us
Read and Studied.

It’s Robert Frost’s famous poem, “The Road Not Taken.”.

He describes standing at a crossroads and deciding which road to take…

And how the road he chose made all the difference in his life.

Right now, you stand at a similar crossroads.

Option 1:

One road is filled with pain, discomfort, and frustration.

Simply because of the roadblocks in your body, obstructing your innate healing energy.

And because that healing energy is blocked…

You remain in a state of pain.

And if you decide to do nothing with what I’ve shared here today, that’s where you’ll stay.

It’s the well-worn road the “Back Pain Industry” wants you to stay on, so they can continue to line their pockets.

However, there’s another road for your consideration today.

Option 2:

This road is filled with ease, relief, and joy.

By choosing this road, you get to reclaim the “you” you thought you’d lost to your back pain.

Does saying yes to The Meridian Pain Protocol require some trust on your part?

Yes. But it’s not blind trust.

Your trust is either rewarded with back pain that’s been transformed or you get your money back.

It’s just that simple.

Say “yes” to The Meridian Pain Protocol right now.

Get Access to Master Lim’s System...

Read the simple “table of contents” and activate the Bio-Meridian Switches in your body that will give you sweet, effective and safe pain relief.

If what you see, feel and experience isn’t what you hoped for…

You’ll get every penny back, and you’ve risked nothing.

But if you choose to maintain the status quo today and stay on the well-traveled road that’s been paved by the back pain industry…

The healing energy already in your body will stay blocked, making it impossible for your body to experience the relief you deserve.

Clicking the button below is a small, but guaranteed “step of trust”.

Your road to a pain-free life is closer than you can imagine.

And as simple as flipping the Bio-Meridian Switch and saying “YES” to The Meridian Pain Protocol.

Remember, this has zero risk for you.

And you’re covered by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee for an entire year…

Which makes saying “yes” that much of a no-brainer.

Now, for just a minute...

I Want You to Think About What Back Pain has Stolen From Your Life.

Think of the joy-filled activities
you’ve missed with your loved ones…

Like riding bikes with your grandkids…

Or wrestling with those rambunctious boys….

Simply because your back couldn’t take it.

Think of how your back pain has sabotaged everyday events.

Like tying your shoelaces or getting that Amazon package off the front porch.
Think of how your back pain has made travel so much harder, whether it’s a drive to see the kids or a vacation halfway around the world.
Think of the restless nights you’ve spent trying to get comfortable while sleep eludes you.
Think of all the flowers not planted
The golf or tennis balls not hit
The trails not explored

Your back pain has imprisoned you for far too long.

Now that you know the root cause:

Obstructed healing energy...

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Experience the Solution:

Flipping the Bio-Meridian Switch.

All that’s left is for you to decide that pain has had its day and that day is over.

Say yes to The Meridian Pain Protocol and watch your old life of pain and restriction disappear in the rearview mirror.

If that's the life you want, there's only one road that makes sense...

The Meridian Pain Protocol.

You’ll have a time-tested, science-back solution to address your back pain.

Whether you’re 38 or 80…

Whether it’s lower back pain, sciatica or a searing painful neck.

You’ll Finally Have the Answer.

A way to activate the switch that lets your body’s healing power IN.

  • Without long, difficult or complicated stretches
  • Without a new prescription with unpredictable side effects
  • Without another trip to see a back pain industry specialist.

Once you discover how to flip your Bio-Meridian Switch…

Your body’s healing energy becomes the powerful source of pain relief it was meant to be all along.

Click the Button Below Now and I’ll See You in the Members Area.

Still there?

If you’re still around, you may have a few questions.

Let me cover a few of the most common ones that come up.

This way, you don’t have to wait to get your questions answered and can buy this today with total confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, Master Lim’s demonstration videos make everything so easy to understand.

There’ll be zero confusion.

Master Lim designed this system so it could help everybody at any age.

Plus you’re covered by our one-year satisfaction guarantee.

You’re thrilled with the program — or you get your money back.

That’s the beauty of Master Lim’s system.

He designed it so people can use it at home — or on the go.

There’s no equipment you need and it takes just seconds to consult Master Lim’s diagram.

You’ll know the exact BioMeridian sequence for your unique needs.

Most of these movements can be performed in 60 seconds — or less!

You won’t find a back pain system that works any quicker or easier.

Most approaches to back pain simply don’t address the root of the problem.

It’s like the wrong bandaid... in the wrong place.

Truth is, it’s close to impossible to experience lasting relief...

Unless you address the blocked healing energy in your body.

This is what the Meridian Pain Protocol does for you.

Most solutions simply cover up the pain - without actually solving the root problem.

The Meridian Pain Protocol gives you the tools to address ALL the areas of blocked energy contributing to your back pain.

  • But without weekly massages.
  • Without co-pays.
  • And without giving the multi-billion dollar pain industry another cent.

The Meridian Pain Protocol is the only back pain solution that combines the ancient and time-honored understanding of meridian energy...

With the latest scientific research.

So for the first time in a long time...

It’s not only POSSIBLE to relieve your back pain, but it’s simple and easily accessible for anyone, too.

We protect your personal information with 256 bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

It’s military-grade, meaning your personal information could not be safer.

Your investment in yourself is literally risk-free.

You’re getting an entire 1 year to decide if Master Lim’s protocol is right for you!

If at any point over the next 365 days, you decide it’s not for you, simply email us and we’ll refund every single penny.

No questions asked.

You deserve to take all the time you need to make sure it’s right for you.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Since everyone’s body is so unique, it’s impossible to say.

Some have experienced powerful results almost immediately.

Others have blockages that are far more significant...

And they take a little more time to fully clear.

This is why you have a full 365 days to try it out risk-free!

The Meridian Pain Protocol will absolutely improve every area of your life.

When your body isn’t spending so much energy fighting against those blockages...

  • You’ll have more energy for enjoying your day... the way YOU want to.
  • The energy that’s already there... will finally have free reign.
  • You’ll likely even have “leftover” energy... which means your body will experience a radical renaissance.

The Meridian Pain Protocol targets the specific areas where your energy is blocked, helping you to stimulate the bio-meridian switches that can release healing energy where it’s needed most.

Because the Meridian Pain Protocol targets all the areas of blocked healing energy, there’s no area in your life that won’t be impacted.

Having all that extra energy for your relationships and your favorite activities will be an absolute game changer.

Those are the Most Common
Questions I Get About the Meridian Pain Protocol program.

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still on the fence and wondering if it’s right for you...

Frankly, the only way to find out is to click on the “Buy Now” button and start going through the entire program.

Give it a try.

Feel the changes and then decide to keep it.


With your 365-Day satisfaction guarantee you’re risking absolutely nothing.

In Fact, All the Risk is
Completely on Me…

I firmly believe if I don’t get you EVERY result I’ve promised on this page, I simply don’t deserve a dime of your hard-earned money.

And with your special discount, you’re getting HALF-OFF the already ridiculously-low, one-time price of enrollment.

You deserve to live your life on your terms.

You deserve the Meridian Pain Protocol today.

Just click the button below.

  • Let me take the pain away.
  • Let me show you the truth.
  • Let me help you finally get through a day without throbbing pain and aches.

I cannot wait to hear your success story and share it with the rest.

Say YES now — and I’ll see you on the next page.




Lu DP. Lu GP. Experimentation with and acceptance of acupuncture therapy in Europe and America: An historical overview. Am J Tradit Chinese Med. 2006;7(2):54–57. [Google Scholar] [Ref list]

Lu DP. Lu GP. Experimentation with and acceptance of acupuncture therapy in Europe and America: An historical overview. Am J Tradit Chinese Med. 2006;7(2):54–57.

Lu DP. Lu GP. Experimentation with and acceptance of acupuncture therapy in Europe and America: An historical overview. Am J Tradit Chinese Med. 2006;7(2):54–57. [Google Scholar] [Ref list]

Lu DP. Lu GP. Experimentation with and acceptance of acupuncture therapy in Europe and America: An historical overview. Am J Tradit Chinese Med. 2006;7(2):54–57. [Google Scholar] [Ref list]




Lu DP. Lu GP. Experimentation with and acceptance of acupuncture therapy in Europe and America: An historical overview. Am J Tradit Chinese Med. 2006;7(2):54–57. [Google Scholar] [Ref list]